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Your Online Resource for Treating Infertility According to Jewish Law

The process of diagnosing and treating infertility is daunting in itself. Within the context of halachic observance, it becomes even more challenging, but in many ways even more rewarding.

For years, Puah has helped couples confront fertility issues with sensitivity, empathy and experience solidly grounded in Jewish law. Now we seek to make the fundamentals of the field accessible online.

Thus was born the resource you now read, an organized collection of articles and discussions on many of the aspects of fertility treatment that adheres to halacha, rendered in language and style friendly to non-medical and non-Rabbinic audiences alike. A one-click, pop-up glossary defines many of the terms, both scientific and halachic, that occur in these articles.

For those who wish to explore the topics further, a number of footnotes to the articles point the reader to halachic sources, and of course you are welcome to contact the Puah institute directly for more information.

We intend to continually enrich and develop this resource, adding new articles over time and updating the existing pieces as medical treatment continues to advance, opening up hopeful vistas for couples while requiring new attention from halachic authorities.

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